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The QDG is presently reforming, membership is free.

If you wish to join please download your choice of forms, left click to load in your browser or right click and chose save link:-

PDF form to fill out and print

PDF form to print

get adobe

Or just send in your name, contact details, email address and amateur radio callsign if you have one.



Snail mail:

37 Evergreen Parade,
Griffin 4503

Or come along to a meeting

Current QDG members 21/03/2014
Name Callsign
Alan Wills VK4YAR/VK4NA
Martin Powell VK4JVC
Bruce Jones VK4EHT
Richard Atkinson VK4ZA
Bill Wilcock VK4ZWJ
Tim O'Donohoe NA
Michelle Sullivan NA
Gary Crothers VK4CUZ
Darrel Fogg NA
Janesha Abeydeera NA
Ken Page VK4AKP
Alan Connew VK4XAC
Bill Isdale VK4TWI
Paul O'Brien NA
Mick Lohse VK4CRC
Patrice Brechet F8BON
Neville Mills VK4TX
Arnold Youngberg VK4SU
John van de Geyn VK4CJO
Richard Philp VK4YRP
Peter Schrader VK4TGV/9V1PS
Donald Masterton VK4DON
Adam Anderson VK2PWR
Gary Bonnor VK4ZGB
Ken Morris VK4NT
Harry Ameer-Beg VK4TK
Tim Moore VK4TIM
Julie Campbell VK4JAG
Kendall Smith VK2FISH
Bruce Smith VK2VA
Les Parker VK4SO
Dave Ralf VK4ZO
Deane Laws VK4ALN
Sam Benson VK4MAS
Shaun O'Sullivan VK4FY
Mark Holian VK4AU
Yvonnick Joulain F4BYF
Richard Carden VK4XRL
Rick Huntley VK4HR
Andy Joyce VK4NJ
Mick Lohse VK4CRC
Bill Scheele VK4TWS
Aaron Davidson VK4VOX
Kevin Johnston VK4UH
Martin Driscoll VK4YOI
Chris Megaw VK4FR
Neil Hardisty VK4BIT
Shawn Wills NA
Serge Burjak VK4SB
Andrew Stark VK4HCL
Quentin Forman VK4AQF
Rein Mann VK4ALJ
Bob Cummings VK4GYJ
Atilla Karadayi TA4ED
Mike Young VK4TMM
Sisir Roy NA
Trevor Robinson VK4KWI
Buddhika Perera 4S5BP
Ben Lancini NA
Shayne Cowley VK2OR
Bob Guppy VK4ZL
Tony Burger VK2MOD
Giovanni Seri IW0GVG
Sean Long NA
Geoff Adcock VK4AG
Sam Scafe VK4AA
Les Neilson VK4FAEB
David Kavanagh VK4UQ
Peter Fauth VK4NBL
Ken Cosgrove VK4KEN
Andrew Gillespie VK4VAG
Julian Creedy VK4CMV
Peter Breed VK4PB
Jim Penny VK4AQJ
Gary Baker VK4IJ


  NOTICE: always refresh your browser for each page on this site. Changes
are frequent.

If you are visiting from another site, this is our address http://www.qdg.org.au/